Membership Management

Manage your member contact details. Manage your members from anywhere with internet access.
Orders  Suite

Members' Sections

Members-only website sections provide approved members with forums for communication, collaboration and access to member resources.


The Communications module provides your organisation with a tightly-integrated bulk emailing service.
Events and  Education Suite


The Events module provides your organisation with the ability to manage events and registrations online.
Website  Content Management

Website Management

Our simple Content Management System allows your organisation to manage its own website, updating the content as and when it likes.

Membership System

Iron Horse proudly presents LYNX: our web-based membership system - Simple to operate, simple to implement, and extremely cost-effective. 
LYNX is a framework allowing us to rapidly create and deploy on-line membership databases tailored specifically for each client, wrapped in their own professionally-developed fully-managed website. 
Core functionality includes:
  • Membership management
  • Event facilitation
  • Email communications
  • Website content management
Key benefits are
  • Hosted solution (NZ-based hosting companies)
  • Brings membership, emails, events together in a single database
  • Simple pricing structure
  • Members-only sections of the website
  • Document repository (members can upload and share)
  • Built on industry-standard technologies
  • Simple to use
  • Very cost-effective.